Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rajasthani Gatte Ki Sabzi Recipe | Gatta saag |Gatta Ka Saag

Rajasthani vegetarian curries/ gravies

Being a Rajasthani we have our own way to make curries and as rajasthan is a dry state yogurt is abundantly used to make gravies. From my childhood I have loved all the rajasthani curries a lot and especially gatta saag is my fav.. Though mom used make them often at home , I loved that version but I also love the gatta saag served in the marriage buffet (we call it Giman) , Its a little different and these gattas are in large size . Some even add paneer to the gatta dough to make it soft But traditionally no paneer is added . Mom makes the best gatta saag even though I make quite good I love to have this curry made by my mom . I some times don't like to eat wat I have made but it interests me if some one else prepares for and I enjoy ;) I am sure this happens to all ..

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tomato Kurma Recipe | Thakkali Kurma |Sidedish for Chapathi|Side dish for idli dosa

Side dish for idli dosa and idiyappam

My masi made this thakkali kurma once for lunch when I visited  her home and It tasted so delicious only then I knew that we can prepare Kurma with tomatoes too, this was 7 yrs ago . I was thinking that kurmas can only be prepared with mixed veggies which is accompanied with parotta and idli dosa . But My masi / chithi proved me wrong and she said we can prepare many types of kurmas and this the simple one.She is a great inspiration for me when it comes to cooking.. She just loves cooking and prepares all south india dishes very well, its from her I learnt some south indian recipes. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sticky Basbousa Pudding | Basbousa with Peera( milk fudge ) sauce | Basbousa in Milk fudge sauce

How to make Basbousa?

As you know few days back I posted Eggless Basbousa recipe and just love it a lot but I had 5-6 pieces leftover the other day so instead of serving my H the same dessert I made sauce for it and serve this dessert giving it a twist and to my surprise Hubby liked this version with sauce more than the naked basbousa ;) .. I know all of them over here love to use up left overs in a unique way , this is such kind of dessert which you will love to have. I recreated a dessert to another delicious dessert.. I had this basbousa pudding bookmarked from xawaash and this was the perfect way I could make use of the leftovers.