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Friday, July 22, 2016

Blueberry Peda with Khoya | Peda with Khoya Recipe

Peda with Mawa

Indian Festival Sweets Recipe

I always love to experiment in my kitchen as I have said earlier it is more like a chemistry lab. So today's post is also an experiment which went well and tastes good too. When we were in school we used to make khoya from scratch for making gulab jamun and also for adding in other sweets. The fresh khoya always tastes more yummier than the store bought one. Today I decided to make khoya from scratch, it is a tedious job to stand in one place for more than 40 mins and cooking the milk in very low flame, but I succeeded and the out come was really well made khoya. 

Blueberry Recipes

Home made Peda Recipe

Last weekend we went to pick some blueberries, it was the last picking of the season and am glad we did it. My daughter enjoyed picking the yummy juicy berries. So you will be seeing some blueberry recipes coming in the blog. Usually berries are underestimated and made used only in making preserves and jams, I wanted to make something different and so the idea popped up of making Blueberry flavored peda, he he yes I succeeded again in making them. You can also add blueberry extract for the blueberry flavor to pop up but I could taste the berry in this peda. I didn't add any color but you are open to add purple food color if you like. Now am very excited to share my experiment, it tasted just like store bought peda but with a berry flavor in it..  Before that for all Rajani fans enjoy Kabali fever.. Am a big fan of thalaiva and so desi fiesta is also starting the sweets on Kabali release :).. So awaiting to see the movie in theater..

Milk fudge Recipe

How to make khoya ?

Blueberry Peda with Khoya

                                             Category  Preparation time Cook Time   
          15 mins
 10- 15 mins     

  Mawa / Khoya - 1/2 cup ( I made it at home)
  Blueberry Puree - 1/2 cup
  Condensed Milk - 1/2 tin 
  Heavy Cream - 1/4 cup

  Butter - 2 tbsp
  Cardamom pd - a pinch
  Silvered Almonds - For garnish
  •  In a sauce pan heat the butter , after it melts add blueberry puree.
  •  Mix it well and the add mawa, condensed milk, cardamom, heavy cream.
  • Mix it well with a ladle , make sure there are no lumps.
  • Cook the mixture till everything comes together, don't forget to stir it constantly and it should not stick to the pan anymore till that you have to keep on stiring. It should leave the sides and the mixture should come together like a mass or dough.
  • In a plate transfer the mixture and let it cool.
  • Once it cools down a bit, divide them to equal parts and roll it to a smooth ball.
  • Press the ball slightly and give it a peda shape. For the impression on the peda you can use a cookie press or just give designs using a tooth pick or skewer.
  • Store the pedas in air tight container.
  • If the peda mixture is too loose you will not be able to form the shape.So place the mixture on a sauce pan again and cook for some more time , as I said it should form a mass and nothing should stick on the pan.
  • You can adjust the sweet as you like or  depending on the sweetness of blueberries. Mine were freshly picked so it was little tangy .

Sweets with fruits

How to make peda with Khoya ?

PS: Do try the recipe and let me know the feedback but don't blog it back , its a request :) Also don't change the flavor and call it your recipe plz its a humble request .

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Home Made Oreo Cookies Recipe |DIY Orea Cookies

Oreo Cookies

Oreo's are my family fav, especially my daughter loves it a lot. I always have the urge make anything I eat at home , So i went crazy thinking why not Oreo's at home.There are so many flavors of oreos available but I love the original a lot. To get the dark black color I used the dutch processed dark cocoa pd it really gave the cookies the same look and color. I wanted to try make these cookie as the original may look so I ordered the oreo silicon mold from etsy, It is much expensive but still I could stop myself from buying. 
Home made oreo cookies recipe

Oreo cookies have the crispy cookies sandwiched in soft vanilla cream in between , I would not have the cookies with out the star - " The vanilla cream" which makes the cookie more delicious. Home made stuffs are always better to have than the store bought bcoz we know what is going in. For the oreo lovers this is the must try recipe. It had been lying in my draft for past 2 years , can you believe it ?? yes 2 years and I am blogging it now.. I thought i should clear my drafts first before I even start cooking fresh for the blog. You will not believe I have more tham 100 in my drafts but still i love to post thr fresh recipes I cook on the same day. .. Ha ha , I have to seriously be organised when it comes to blogging. Ok now moving on to the most awaited recipe in fb.. I know the pics are not great but the hard work is making me post this , hopefully I will update the post with new pics soon.

Cookies recipe

DIY Oreo Cookies

                                             Category  Preparation time Cook Time   
          15 mins
 10- 15 mins     


  All Purpose Flour - 1 1/2 cups
  Dutch Processed Cocoa - 3/4 cup
  Caster Sugar - 1 1/4 cup ( adjust as you like)
  Vanilla extract - few drops 
  Unsalted Butter - 1 cup (2 sticks) at room temperature
  Baking pd - 3/4 tsp
  Milk - 1-2 tsp ( optional)
  Salt a pinch
  Vanilla Cream
  Unsalted Butter - 1/2 cup ( 1 stick)
  Vanilla Extract- few drops
  Milk - 1 tbsp
  Icing Sugar - 1 1/2 cups

  • In a bowl cream butter and sugar till combined.
  • Add vanilla extract , Sieve all purpose flour, dutch processed cocoa, baking pd.
  • Add salt and make a smooth and soft dough.
  • If the dough is too crumbly you can add 1 -2 tsp which is completely optional.
  • Pinch a small part of the dough and press it in the oreo mold to get the intricate designs on it.
  • For the bottom part of the cookie you can just roll out and use a round cookie cutter to cut out.
  • Do this for all the rest of the dough , also preheat the oven at 350 F for 10 mins.
  • Place the embossed and cut out cookies on a lined cookie plate.
  • Bake the cookies for 10 - 15 mins at 350 F. Take the cookie tray out let it cool down and then transfer it to a wire rack.

  For Vanilla cream and how to proceed
  • In a bowl use a hand blender and beat the butter until it is creamy.
  • Then add icing sugar, milk and beat them well till combined and thick.
  • Add vanilla extract  and mix them well.
  • Spread this vanilla cream on the bottom side of the cookie ( make sure they are cool).
  • Place the embossed cookie on top and like a sandwich.
  • Store in a cool place.

Home made original oreo

Monday, July 11, 2016

Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade |Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade

lemonade Recipes

Here I am back after a week, I am trying my best to post at least 3 days a week .. As we have just moved i am in the process organizing things at home. Also I am in the hunt of buying new props for my blog baby, Props hunting always gives me so much happiness that I can't explain in words. Even a old rusted vessel makes me feel this would be a perfect vintage prop which should be treasured. Some times people look at us as if we have lost it , but the real reason only a blogger or a photographer can understand. 

watermelon recipe

Ok now coming to the post today , It is super hot over hear and we always carve for some chilled juice which is perfect thirst quencher, especially when it is 90 degree . I know it is not too hot like chennai but still we can feel the heat its lot . Chennai was ultimate when we speak about weather there , it was one reason which kept me away from blogging.. I seriously had hard time with the heat and thought wish I had A/C in kitchen too.. After all day workout in kitchen I had no more energy to sweat in my patio to take the pictures. So most of the time I used to cook and then relish without taking any pictures. 

Lemons photography

Strawberry Recipes

Summer drinks recipes

So today I thought to share is yummy and colorful lemonade which I made in the weekend. Summer is the perfect season to enjoy watermelons and we always get watermelons once a week but only half the watermelon was relished as is and half was sitting in the fridge, so I thought of making a juice and popped this idea of combing two red fruits to make a refreshing lemonade. Lemonade's are my fav and when it made different every time my Hubby loves to experiment. so here comes my version of fruity, Healthy, refreshing lemonade.

Juice recipes

Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade

                                             Category  Preparation time Cook Time   
          5 mins
 10 mins     


  Watermelon - 4 cups ( cubed) / Medium sized half melon
  Lemon Juice - 2 tbsp (Juice from 1 lemon) 
  Strawberries - 5-6 nos
  Sugar - 1/4 cup ( More as needed)
  Water - 1/2 cup ( optional)
  Ice Cubes - Few
  Pudina / Mint leaves - for garnish 
  Lemon sliced-  2

  •   In a mixer add the chopped watermelons and grind it first, then add sliced strawberries and grind it till fine. Add water while grinding if needed, My watermelons where very juice so I didn't add any water.
  • Now in a bowl strain the juice using a strainer.
  • Add sugar and lemon juice . Mix them well in the juice. Add the lemon slices it enhances the flavor in the juice more 
  • Chill the lemonade and serve it with extra ice cubes if needed.
  • Serve it chilled and garnish with some pudina/ mint leaves. 

Drinks with fruits recipe

Friday, July 01, 2016

Seem Pal Recipe | Therattipal |Palkova | Colostrum Milk Sweet Recipe

Colostrum Milk recipe

Cow's Milk recipe

Staying in home country means you get to taste all the traditional good, vegetables, fruits and some authentic dishes, this includes moms food.Am so glad i tasted my moms food after 4 years and it was really good feeling, enjoyed it a lot. In my India stay we had Milk man used bring cows milk for us every day. I once happen to ask him if I can get "seempal" to my surprise he told me you have asked me in the right time the cow is going to deliver calf soon and I will get the milk in 2 days , After two days he bought me 1/2 liter of  milk , when I received the milk I was little worried and asked the milkman if the calf had the milk, he said the milk produced by cows are more than the calf's consume so we have to express the milk anyway , this is the extra milk after the calf's tummy is filled. This made me smile and I was ok, I know every mother wants her kid to be fed first likewise applicable for gomatha ( cow) too isn't it. So now coming to the recipe today it is very very nutritious and yummy to taste.

Theratti paal

My Mom always used to tell me how she used to enjoy having seempal in her childhood days. I also happen get some from our Milkman who was kind enough to give me the seempal for free every time.. I say every time bcoz I was so lucky to get seempal for 4-5 times and I fortunately photographed it to blog. Seempal can't be found every were infact before moving to India I searched everywhere in the US but missed to ask at cattle farm may be they might have, I found dehydrated colostrum milk pd in walmart but it was goat's milk so didn't get it. I am so lucky to have tasted the cow's seempal , trust me it is so delicious by itself , some flavors and sugar added to it makes it more delicious.

Seem pal or kadambu pal is a very nutritious cow's milk after the cow gives birth to the calf . The first milk is yellow in color and the first 3-5 days milk after delivering is normally called as seem pal.
There are so many other names for this milk in telugu it is called junnu pal, Posu in Kannada, Doodh Bali in Marwadi ( My mom told me the name), Kharvas in Marathi, and in english it is called Colostrum Milk. You can visit your local cow's Milk vendor ( Mattu pannai in Tamil)  and ask for the colostrum milk or seempal if available.This is so authentic sweet tastes divine and so yummy you will fall in love with this sweet. I made this seempal for couple of times in India, once I made with 4 rd day milk and the second time I made it with 3 rd day milk. Both tasted yummy but the color was different, the  3 rd day milk was yellow and 4 th day had faded yellow. Ok any day milk it will taste yummy am sure. Make sure you  use 2 nd to 5 th day milk .

How to make palkova

Mother's Milk

Seem Pal

                                             Category  Preparation time Cook Time   
          5 mins
    10 -15 mins     
  Seem pal / Colostrum Milk - 1/2 ltr
  Sugar-  2 tbsp or more as desired
  Cardamom pd - 1/4 tsp

  • In a vessel strain the milk and keep it to boil in low medium heat.
  • Keep stiring the milk with spatula.
  • After few minutes you can see the milk curdling and the milk protein starts coagulating.
  • Keep on stiring till all the milk coagulates and water separates.
  •  Cook till all the water evaporates and absorbed by the curdled milk.
  • After all the water evaporates, add sugar and cardamon to it and mix it well.
  • Cook till well blend and then turn of the meet.
Seempal recipe
 Note : I like the semi dry version of seem pal so I evaporated all the water after curdling , if you like a little watery and super soft seempal you don't have to cook till all the water is evaporated.

Photography Props

There different ways  seempal is made this is the easiest version, you can also steam this seempal to make another sweet called ginnu or junnu, I will be posting that soon. Hope you like this recipe, Do leave your valuable comments :)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Easy Fruit Cream Recipe| Party Recipe Ideas

Fruit Cream

Hi my dear fellow readers am so sorry for not being active here for months.I was in a long vacation and couldn't blog frequently.. But here I am with another quick recipe for you guys.. I was in my India trip , really enjoyed staying with our family .. We spent some quality time with our family and my daughter just loved playing with her grand parents. I have so many good news to share for my readers which I was unable to share at that moment... So here is one among them Desi Fiesta reached 1+ Million views recently and so happy.Thanks to each and everyone for visiting my space and making this happen. 

Rainbow cake

I know you all will be very eager to know what I did in India these many months.. You know even though I was out of blogging , My every time thought was about my blog.. It was really difficult to Blog in India for me as I was so occupied with other works, but you know what is the best part living India?? It is prop collection , One year was really less for me to collect props in India and I successfully got them without any damage was the best part.. If you are in Fb page then you would have know I had done 2  cooking shows ( just a try) , both for very popular channels in chennai. I will share the experience of shooting in my upcoming post...I also Have created a new fb page to improve my photography skills and share my hobby photographs there . I named it " Manu's Shutter Up" Do Visit this link and hit a like if you like my photographs..

Ok for today's recipe I got a very quick and easy to make dessert which is perfect for a party. If you are planning to give a party at your home and don't want to spend much time in making desserts for the guest and also don't want to serve them store bought sweets this is the perfect recipe you are searching for. When I came to US 4 years back , couple of friends invited us for lunch and we had fruit cream there and I just loved it a lot and when I asked the friend how she made she said its just whipped cream with some chopped fruits inside.. I was actually shocked how simple recipes make so delicious desserts, I tried this recipe couple of times and I still love it a lot every time I make them. Fruit cream is getting very popular in parties as it is quick delicious and nutritious, all put together . Now this is very simple recipe I have shared , I have another version of fruit cream too which I will share in my future posts. So here we go ..

Birthday Party Recipes

Easy Desserts

Fruit Cream

                                                        Category  Preparation time    
           15 mins

  Fresh Cream Or Heavy Whipping Cream - 1 Cup
Whipped Cream with Fruits  Icing sugar - 3 tbsp
  Apple - 1/2 ( chopped)
  Green Grapes- 5-6 nos
  Strawberry - 3 nos ( chopped)
  Oranges - 2 wedge ( Pith removed)
  Plum - 1/2  ( chopped)
  Pomegranate - 3 tbsp
  Cashews - 2 nos ( chopped)
  Walnuts - 2 nos ( chopped)
  Vanilla essence - Few drops

  •  To start with take the chilled fresh cream or heavy whipping cream in a bowl and with the help of a hand blender beat it till it attains thick consistency.
  • Add the icing sugar to the whipped cream and then using a hand blender again blend it.
  • Chill this whipped cream in fridge till you are done with chopping of the fruits.
  • Chop all the fruits and mix them in the whipped cream slowly.
  • Add Nuts, few drops of vanilla essence and mix them too. 
  • Serve it immediately or chill it till served.
  • Use any fruit of your choice like pineapple, mango, kiwi, banana or any berries you like.
  • These can be made ahead of a day and stays good in fridge for a day or two.But I recommend after adding fruits to it serve it immediately.

fruits Recipes

Pomogranate Photography

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Great Ways To Save Money On Your Food Orders

Are you spending a bomb on each meal? Does the average amount spent on your food every month, including groceries, unplanned lunches or dinners touching the sky? Are you spending more on your grocery shopping than your gas bill each month? Blaming it on the global warming or bad crop yields or the rising rate of inflation?

Spending lavish money on your food is only acceptable once in a fortnight but not every day or worse, every meal. It is a sheer waste of money without you realizing how much harm you’re doing to yourself in the name of fun and indulgence.

Below are some proven ways that can help you save money on food orders.

Use Coupons and Discounts

You have planned your lunch or dinner with your team or family at your favorite restaurant. Why not use the online coupons or discount promo codes available on the food from the same restaurant? There is a plethora of coupons and deals websites online that are full of exciting offers, coupons and sale codes on everything. This will help you get saving on your food. Check out the box8 buy one get one deals to get the idea of how much one can save while ordering online.

Cut wastage and food bills

Every time you see a sale on some product, you buy it in bulk, even though you don’t need it, just because you think that you are saving something on this deal.You don’t need those extra quantities of dal or chips as you already have a decent stock at home. Buy only what you need. Not in surplus. It would either get wasted or be thrown away. Avoid that.

Put pen to paper 

If you are not comfortable enough using your to-do list smart application, or any other money tracking app, then don’t use it. Stick to what you’re comfortable in doing. Write a list of groceries, food staples that you need on the good old pen and paper, on a daily basis. Make a list of things that you would like to shop, but ensure to check your store cupboard, freezer or more to check if you have
enough quantity of this food. If possible work out a daily or weekly meal plan.

Use your leftovers

The clever way to save on food and reduce food waste is to use your previous night’s leftovers in a more creative way. Use it as a “ready-meal” or next day’s breakfast. There is so much to do with leftovers - all you got to do is put in some creativity and turn them into an interesting meal. If you have the patience, you could even look up some of the recipes that can help you whip up something delicious from the leftovers. Hope after reading this, you would commit yourself to reducing food waste. Tell us how these tips have helped you to save money while also leading a healthy lifestyle!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bread Rabri Recipe | Karva Chauth Recipe ~ Guest Post for Indus Ladies

Instant Rabri

Karva chauth is a one day fasting festival when a married women fast till moonrise for their respective husbands for their safety and long life. We as rajasthani also do flow a similar fast on Teej which is called Karwa chauth in Punjab, Uttar pradesh, Himachal pradesh and Haryana.The festival falls on Karthick month on a full moon day. Karva which is a earthen pot or kalash with water in it and chauth means fourth day of the karthik month.In this festival women puts on the 16 singaar - Bhindi, jewels, Sindhoor,henna/ Mehandi, Red saree preferabbly or some also wear wedding dress etc.. Women does not do any house on this day and prepares for the puja which happen in the evening while the moon rise. Before the fast starts or the sun rise Mother in law sents sargi or Pre dawn meal for daughter in law before starting the fast. Few hours before the fast begins every married women from the family go to the terrace and start preparing for the puja and listen to the karva chauth vrat katha or story behind Karva chauth. Then after some time finally when the moon peeps women looks in to the sieve to see the rising moon and then her husaband in to the seive. There are many sweets and savouries made for offering like halwa,mathri, sweet mathri, rabri etc . As they follow fasting for whole day they don't spend much time in kitchen and so one such instant recipe idea to make on this day is Bread rabri which so quick and can be prepared in minutes. 

When Magee asked me for a guest post I was all set to make this rabri as it is perfect for the festival. It is Instant Rabri and taste just like any rabri. People who don't have plain flour for the fast can also use whole wheat bread. Do visit the Indus Ladies Page for the recipe Click here.  This is also going to be a part of the Indus Ladies Karva Chauth Guide. 

Karva Chauth Recipes

Sweets Recipes