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Sweet Pidi Kozhukattai Recipe|Kozhukattai - Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes

rice flour pidi kozhukattai

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi / Vinayekar Chaturthi  to every one :) I have special place for ganapathi always, he my fav and always love to start anything with his blessing. Today is ganesh chaturthi and I was super exited to make some sweets from him to offer at pooja. I made kozhukattai dor blog 3 days back but didn't get time to post them will post them one by one. My neighbours back there in chennai used to share tons of kozhukattain on this day and I wanted to try them home this time :) I love pidi kozhukattai a lot than puranam  kozhukattai so I made a easy to make rice flour pidi kozhukattai.

Pidi kozhukattai are traditional tamilnadu special dumpling made for special occasion especially on ganesh chaturthi.Home made Rice flour works wonder for this recipe but processed store bought can also be used if you need you can roast the flour a little if needed.  This is perfect for evening snack, Pidi kozhukattais are also made savory version but I prefer sweet version more. Now lets move on to the recipe..

These are some sneek peek on the sweets and savories I made today :) Channa dal sundal, Urad dal pakoda , boondi ladoo, Modaks. Will post it one by one soon here..

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      Sweet Pidi Kozhukattai      

Prep time: Cook time: 

  • 1 cup Rice flour
  • 1/2 cup Jaggery
  • 1/4 cup Water
  • 1/4 tsp Cardamom pd
  • 1 tbsp Oil/ ghee
  • Salt a pinch
  • 1 tbsp Grated coconut

  • In a sauce pan heat jaggery and water. Let it boil and all the jaggery melt. Add salt a pinch,grated coconut , cardamom pd to it boil it. 
  • Add the rice flour little by little and mix it with end of a ladle simultemously . The lumps will disappear once the rice flour some together lik a dough. 
  • Cool the dough a bit, cover it so that it doesn't dry up. When the dough is still warm divide the dough into equal parts into balls. 
  • Then press each balls with your palm giving the impression of your fingers, grease your palm if the dough the dough is sticky.
  • Do the same for the rest of the dough balls Boil water in a steamer, arrange the shaped kozhukkatai on a greased idli tray. 
  • Steam cook the kozhukattais for 10 -12 mins. 
  • The kozhukattai will have a shiny outter cover once cooked.
  •  Do not add too much of water else the kozhukattai may not cook even after steaming for long time. 
  • Do not Boil the jaggery for long time as again it might not allow the flour to cook.

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