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Monday, February 17, 2014

Strawberry Mousse ( Egg free and gelatin free)


Hope All had a wonderful valentines day celebration , I was so pleased to see all my co bloggers coming up with come innovative desserts which they made for their loved ones . I wanted to make some thing different this time as I made cakes for every valentines day this time I made this delicious rich glass of desserts for my H . I know it might be in pink and red  sort of girly color but I love to make red color treats especially for valentines day. My H just loved the way it tasted and many the strawberry goodness in it. 

As my h love fruits and desserts I love to make and experiment desserts with fruits in it and for this valentines day I did it and he loved it a lot. I planned to make a mousse at the first then thought y not i add a twist with addition of strawberries in it and a making it color perfect for valentines occasion. So came the idea to make use of the strawberries in my fridge . This is a quick and easy to make mousse which will not require any fancy ingredients expect for strawberries and cream. These are totally egg free and gelatin free, there is no use of gel or setting agent for this mousse . This mousse was light and yummy to taste and we like the combo a lot. Over to the recipe..

Egg free Gelatin free mousse


1 cup Strawberry Pulp 
1 cup Heavy whipping cream
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp Corn starch 
2 tbsp Water 
1 cup Red Candy melts ( You can use white bar chocolates even)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Sprinklers - For garnish

  • Mix sugar, water and cornstarch in a medium sauce pan. 
  • Add strawberry pulp and bring this mixture to a boil, stirring it constantly.
  • After it thicken a bit , switch off the flame and cool them.
  • Microwave the candy melts with 1/4 cup cream 30 sec and  melt it completely. 
  • Stir the melted chocolate into strawberry mixture. Take 1/4 cup from this strawberry mixture and keep them a side.
  • Whip up the remaining cream with vanilla extract  until soft peak form and fold the cream in with strawberry mixture. 
  • Fill 3/4th of the glass with mousse and top them with the strawberry mixture .
  • Garnish as you desire with strawberries or sprinkles.
  • Chill and serve them.
Mousse, desserts

  • I used Red color candy melt to get the nice red color but you can use white chocolate bars even.
  • If you like to had more whipped cream you can add as you wish , adjust the sugar accordingly.
Mousse without egg and gelatin


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