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Monday, April 28, 2014

Panchamurutham - Virtual party For sangee !!!

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Oh I so missed blogging for these few days My lappy is testing my patience have to be mended soon .. So I decided to start with a post for a wonderful  friend who is celebrating her birthday today. The thali's will sure come up I had lot of hurdles in between this month will post them soon.. So coming to the virtual party we are celebrating today - she is a very sweet friend who have been a great support and very motivating friend of mine , Am glad to find her in this large blogosphere and she is so special to me.. Its none  other than Sangee vijay of Spicy treats who is celebrating her birthday today... I had planned to make something spl But coz my lappy I was unable to think even about cooking and was only praying god for a week that it should get fixed But still it has not and will take time ... I feel so lonely without my lappy, Its like a sister whom I can never part .

So for sangee whose a very special person and a very very good friend of mine I just prepared this simple yet delicious one of my favorite sweet. We friends decided the theme for this virtual party to be a dish from Kongunadu cuisine as sangee was from salem . So I made a simple panchamurudham to celebrate her virtual party ... Hope you like it sangee ???.. I have prepared some kongunadu recipes earlier  Arisiumparuppu is a very important dish to be noted in this cuisine..As Panchamurutham  even comes under Kongunadu too I made them to celebrate  .Panchamurutham  means five nectars or five ingredients is used for preparing this sweet treat.Amrutham as you might know the divine nectar. Its a very easy to make fruit jam which can be preserved for months.Some panchamurutham are made with riped plantains but I have used the oridinary banana. To sweeten the panchamurutham you can also use kalkandu or sugar candy. This is a very important neivedhiyam offered to god in temples . 

Palani Panchamurutham


Fruit jam preserves


Banana – 1 riped
Apple - 1/2 Cup ( chopped)
Orange - 1 No ( Remove the segments )
Milk – 1 1/2 cup
Jaggery grated– 1/2 cup
Dates – finely grated – 2 tbsp
Raisins – 2 tsp
Dry ginger powder/sukku podi - A pinch
Cardamom pd - A pinch
Honey – 1 tsp


  • Boil the milk in a sauce and reduce it till it thickens.
  • In a bowl mash the banana and add jaggery, raisins , dates, ginger pd, cardamom pd, honey and mix them well.
  • Add chopped apple, orange segments and the evaporated milk and mix the mixture well.
  • Serve it cold and enjoy !!

Kongunadu recipes


  1. That was a divine dish for a birthday ! Many Happy Returns to Sangee from me too!!

  2. Such a beautiful kongu dish Manju, am sure sangee will definitely love this special post you prepared for her.

  3. Panchamirtham looks wonderful .I cant stop eating when u give this to me

  4. Lovely look of panchamirtham... Perfect treat for sangee aks...:)

  5. Vety tempting panchamrutham.... btw eagerli waiting for ur next thali ....m already addicted to ur lovely thalis


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