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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Basundi and Orange Basundi |Basundi - Virtual party for Divya

Virtual parties are always special and today's is another best buddy from this blogosphere celebrating her birthday. Its none other than divya of divya's culinary journey, She is a wonderful mate whom i miss a lot now days as she had shifted to home country and we are unable to catch up often bcoz of the time zones . She is very spl person as she was a great helper in improving by blogging skills. Apart from blogging she is a very kind hearted , never say No kind of a friend whom i love her for that. For her birthday I made a dessert so that it might turn a sweet start the year ahead .. and wishing divya carry some sweet memories from the past year a long way ahead :) Wish you many many happy birthday divya :) I miss you :) you Miss me:P

Basundi is an rich and heavenly dessert which you can never resist for its creamy and delicious taste will sure attract you taste and finish a bowl full for sure. Basundi is mostly a famous dessert in Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Its a thick creamy sweetened mil which is boiled for hours and reduced to leave out of it fat which also called as malai. Its is then flavored with cardamom and saffron chilled and the served garnished with some chopped nuts.
It is so simple to make but acquires very much patience as it taste time.


2 cups Heavy cream 
3 Cups whole milk
3/4 cup Sugar ( or adjust to your taste buds)
Sliced Nuts to garnish
1/4 tsp Cardamon pd
3-4 strands of saffron

  • In a heavy bottomed pan put milk and reduce it till it thickens
  • Add heavy cream and again boil them till the milk thickens and you can see the malai coming from the milk.
  • Add sugar , when you add sugar it tend to liquefy again so stir constantly and thicken it again.
  • Add the flavoring cardamon and saffron.
  • The milk should be very thick and constantly stir while the whole process else the bottom milk fats can stick to the pan and can burn.
  • After the consistency of milk it thick enough , switch of the flame.
  • Cool them a completely and refrigerate to chill it.
  • Serve it Hot or cold garnished with nuts.


Orange Basundi 

For orange basundi take a orange remove the wedges ( the pith also should be removed). Add the orange wedges to the basundi when its completely cool .
Do not try to reheat the basundi after adding orange as it might curdle the milk and will be not good be to eat anymore.

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  1. lovely click and so as tempting

  2. Beautiful clicks and looks very delicious. Orange basundi sounds new to me; will try this.

  3. so... delicious di...............

  4. Manju, Basundhi is one of my favorite desserts.. It looks so yummy and loved the variation made by adding oranges.. Super da.. Thank you so much for this yummy treat, Manju!! Am so happy da :)

  5. Am in love with that orange basundi, wat a beautiful and delicious dessert, am sure Divya will definitely drool here.

  6. tempting basundhi.. love ur variation too wit oranges.. :)

  7. ur thinking is always out of the box love it

  8. oh kalakify manju...Looks so wonderful and fantastic treat

  9. That is such a rich and creamy dessert.

  10. yummy & mouth watering!!

  11. Semma sweet :) makes me drool my dads favorite infact da, love your twists.


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