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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie | Smoothie Recipe

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Smoothies are perfect for breakfast and as you know am doing sizzling smoothie as  theme for this week. This is my day 2 smoothie in the list .. I had been thinking of the combos to make smoothies and this is another delicious combo I matched. Watermelon and strawberry  are great to make smoothies and when combined they taste more delicious. I made watermelon lassi few days back it tasted so gud and so I combined it with strawberries for this smoothie.. This is perfect way to have a healthy and refreshing drink with a meal or as is for breakfast. This incredible combo was too good and my H and kidoo loved it. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#43.

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Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie

                                          Recipe Category
    Preparation time
    Cook time
 5 mins
 5 mins
Summer drinks recipe                                           

   Strawberry - 7-8 Nos
   Watermelon - 1 cups ( cut in to chunks)
   Yogurt - 1 cup
   Sugar - 2 tbsp
   Ice cubes - 4-5 Nos

  •  In mixer/ blender add the strawberries , watermelon  chunks.
  • Blend them to puree , then add yogurt and sugar.
  • Pulse till well combined.
  • Serve them chill with lots of ice cubes.

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  1. This combo rocks, hard to take my eyes from those super refreshing smoothie, would love to finish that glass rite now..

  2. The ingredients sound so refreshing. Great pictures!

  3. That's one refreshing pink smoothie. but won't the watermelon juice get curdled when yoghurt is added to it manju? Not sure if it will but somehow couldn't imagine water melon in the form of smoothie

    1. No it won't sireesha .. Thats y I have pureed the watermelon and strawberry first .. You should not blend it too long till the mixer heat's up only then the watermelon might curdle.. But as you can see Mine haven't .. I have made watermelon lassi even with yogurt before doing this smoothie it didn't get curdled..

  4. Such a refreshing combo. Looks colorful as well.

  5. yummy smoothie dear and this is definitely a healthy replacement than usual whole milk one

  6. Very refreshing smoothie and beautiful colour.

  7. yummm.. look at the vibrant color and awesome deco

  8. so refreshing in taste as well as looks, lovely shot dear....

  9. wow such a refreshing glass hope i could get it.. presentation is awesome dear

  10. Very refreshing smoothie...what a lovely pic to tempt us as well..

  11. Lovely recipe with wonderful photographs as usual Manju :-)

  12. Beautiful smoothie let us soak up the last of summer I say.

  13. very smooth smoothie:) looks so niccce and cooling:)

  14. Hmmm...nice combo :) ur fonts :)

  15. colorful and interesting combo!

  16. Smoothie looks so inviting and refreshing!

  17. Wow a very refreshing smoothie. .and droolworthy pictures! !

  18. Nice combo of ingredients!

  19. A very refreshing smoothie, and awesome pictures as usual!


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