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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Ona Sadya Recipes | Kerala Recipe| Kerala Lunch Menu

Thiruonam sadya

Kerala recipes

Onam is celebrated in kerala for 10 days till thiruonam which is today . The Most important part in the Thiruonam is the sadya platter prepared  which is compulsorily prepared in all houes hold in kerala. The meal is served on a banana leaf and has Rice as the main dish and to go with rice there is a array of dishes served as a side dish. Sadya is usually served for lunch , the actual preparation begins from the night before and the dishes are cooked before 10 in the morning.

Being From South India we always loved to explore and enjoy all the south Indian dishes . Last year I was so tempted To make Ona sadya and I some how posted it. I wanted to Recreate same platter with some recipes Included in the sadya this time :) I love to make this huge platter for onam. As I mentioned in My previous ona sadya Post  A sadya platter generally contains 15-25 dishes. So I have tried my best to up this platter with some additional dishes . I have added Urulai mizhagu puratti, Ingi puli which I missed in the other platter, Chakka pradaman. It actually took me 2 hours to put up this platter and extra hour for presentation and clicking .. Its really a heal a lot of work to put a platter together But I really enjoyed making them for my family a home , At last a compliment from H will do it all :).  I was thinking I should make separate post for every dish which I will be doing soon.. You can check my Old post for most of the recipes. 

This time I given a twist to traditional olan , as i din't have white pumpkin I used cucumber for making them. And also I made plantain kalan this time instead of Yam kalan which I made in my previous sadya platter. We totally enjoyed the platter from start to finish and especially enjoyed making them. This time I hope I have made the arrangements properly .. Oh yes I forgot to keep rasam here just had too many dishes to handle. So this is my ona sadya for this year. Will post the recipes for the left out dishes soon...

onam platter recipe

Sadya Platter recipes

Main dish :
  • Plain Rice with ghee
  • Parippu curry (Lentil curry)
  • Sambar 
  •  Mapazham Pulissery (Mango Mor curry)
Side dish :
  • Erissery (pumkin and yam curry)
  • Kalan (Yam in coconut gravy)- This time I used Plantain instead of yam.
  • Olan ( white pumpkin and cow peas curry) - This time instead of White pumpkin I used Cucumber
  • Aviyal (Mixed veggie in coconut gravy)
  • Payer Thoran ( cow peas poriyal) 
  • Urulai Mizhagu puratti
  • Beetroot Carrot thoran (appalam poriyal)
  • Beetroot Pachadi 
  • Cucumber pachadi
Snacks : Papadam and Upperi
Pickle : Mango achar/ Mango pickle, Ingi puli
Dessert : Paal Payasam, Chakka Pradhaman 
Fruit : Banana

Onam Recipes

Ona sadya is incomplete with out parippu curry and ghee :) 

Paruppu rice  recipe

 Checkout the easy to make pressure cooker Paal payasam Here

Kerala paal payasam

This is a delicious payasam made with jackfruit, its generally made with coconut milk.
Jackfruit Payasam

Plz apologies me I will surely do separate post for each recipe didn't want to make this post too lengthy here. 


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