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Monday, September 01, 2014

Shir Berenj Recipe |Rice pudding ~Afghani Recipe | Afghani Meal Platter

Afghanistan dessert recipes

Am so happy to begin with the Mega Marathon from today . As you all being knowing we group of blogger are doing a month long marathon on world cuisine starting from letter A-Z . So  for today Day 1 letter A I have chosen Afghanistan . This country is one which wanted to explore from long as it has some Indian touch in the cuisine. I actually planned to do A for Azerbaijan  but at last made my mind to go with afghan as I wanted to try and post some recipes which are from other cuisines but similar to Indian for my first Post. I made a whole Afghani platter for our dinner last month and we enjoyed every dish a lot . They are mildly spiced and My H loves mildly spiced food and we have planned earlier that we wud have mildly spiced food atleast one day in a week. So this was really a well filling and tasty dishes .

The afghani meal platter Menu 
Afghani cuisine

Shour Nakhod
Afghani Bolani
Naan-e- Uzbaki
Shir Berenj

Afghani recipes

Afghan cuisine is a combination of middle eastern and south asian cuisine. The foods made here is highly based on wheat, maize, rice as they are the chief crops cultivated there. As will be knowing qabuli biryani is one of the famous dish there, they cook very food halal according to the Islamic law.In afghanistan tradition like most of the countries apply to it women do the cooking part. The food prepared is mildly spiced and amid with fragrant and aromas of spices. They serve Excellent tea with the famous dessert of middle east Baklava. When they invite guest for an party or feast they normally spread a carpet  where the guest might sit and enjoy a huge meal.Afghanistan cuisine has great resembles with Indian and pakistani cuisine thats the reason I have picked A for Afghanistan.

For today I made a afghani spread  which I have posted earlier in a single posts .  To end up with a dessert here is the Shir berenj which very popular dessert of afghan and the main point is it very similar to our Indian rice pudding / Kheer. This rice pudding is made little thicker and tastes delicious. We usually add cardamom to our dessert in india   so thats a twist in this afghani shir berenj they add fennel pd to it. It taste delicious , I told my H that it is not an Indian Kheer but still the taste was similar not a big difference he said .Any way I ended up the spread with this creamy and rich shir berenj .. Lets move on to the recipe quickly.

Rice pudding recipe

Afghani menu

Shir Berenj

                                          Recipe Category
    Preparation time
    Cook time
15 mins 
 20 - 30 mins


   Milk - 4 cups
   Rice - 1/4 cup
   Sugar - 1/4 cup ( add if needed more)
   Oil - 1 tsp
   Nuts - few chopped
   Fennel pd - 1/4 tsp

  • Soak rice in water for 15-20 mins. Then drain the water.
  • In a heavy bottomed pan heat milk .
  • Once it boils simmer the flame and soaked rice  to the milk.
  • Let the rice cook well in the milk.
  • Once the rice is done add sugar and mix well.
  • Cover the pan and cook the kheer . make sure to remove the cover and mix it occasionally .
  • Once the kheer is thick . Turn of the flame.
  • Serve the warm or cold garnished with fennel pd , pistachios and almonds.

How to make rice pudding ?

Traditional afghani recipe

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