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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sorullitos de Maíz Recipe (Corn Fritters)| Refresco De Tamarindo ( Tamarind drink)~Puerto rican Cuisine

Puerto rican recipes

For P I had decided to make dishes from Puerto Rica which is officially called as common wealth of Puerto Rica. Its located in the Caribbean east of Dominican republic. As they had a Spanish invasion before centuries the islands culture and cuisine is highly influenced by them.The language spoken here is Spanish but people even talk English. I would like to mention the style of dance from this country which was very nice to watch the Bomba y plena,while researching about the country I happen to see a bomba style of dance in you tube and I liked the style a lot. Puerto rican cuisine has influence from the European , African  cuisines ad also the ingredients used for preparing a dish are influenced bu United states too. Puerto rican dishes have some flavorful spices and herbs added making the the dish aromatic. If you remember me making blancmange for Haitian cuisine they same pudding is made in puerto rica but obviously the name is different , it is called Tembleque ( coconut pudding). I am glad to know most of the countries share same recipes in different names. 

I chose a fantastic fritter breaking the dessert marathon i was doing and made a  delicious fried snack from the country. Sorullitos are cornmeal fritters which is a very easy to make snack and very delicious to taste. The dip used for this fritter is mayo ketchup dip which tastes fantastic with this. Puerto rica is famous for its tamarind tree and so the cuisine include the tamarind is different forms mainly in drinks.They make a refreshing drink with tamarind which is like a aam pana to taste, It is similar to what we rajasthan's have in summer. When I was a kid during summer holiday we used to go to rajasthan and there  in my native they serve a tamarind drink to go with a meal which is called amalvan and I just loved it a lot and after making this drinking from puerto rica it reminded me off amalvan which is similar to this drink but some extra spices are added to it.This is a perfect refreshment for summer heat.Lets move on to the recipe..

Puerto rican fritters

Corn fritters Recipe

Cornmeal fritters

Sorullitos de Maíz

                                  Recipe Category
    Preparation time
   Cook Time 
10 mins
10 mins
Fritters recipe
  Cornmeal - 1 cup
  Water - 2 cups
  Sugar - 3 tbsp
  Butter - 1 tbsp
  Salt - 1/4 tsp
  Oil for frying

  • In a sauce pan put water, sugar, salt and butter.
  • Let the water boil, and once it boils simmer the flame.
  • Add the corn meal while mixing with a ladle simultaneously.
  • Mix them till they combine well and get them cook well.
  • After some time it will begin to thicken and cook them them till its very thick.
  • Turn off the flame and let it cool till you can handle the dough.
  • Divide the dough to equal parts and roll them to a cylindrical or elongated shape like a roll or stick.
  • Heat oil in a pan and when it is hot enough slide the shaped sorullitos .
  • Fry them till golden brown from all sides.
  • Serve them warm with mayo ketchup dip.

Tamarind Drink

Puerto rican Tamarind juice

Refresco De Tamarindo

                                  Recipe Category
    Preparation time
   Cook Time 
5 mins
5 mins
Tamarind Juice recipe  Ingredients 
  Dried tamarind - 1/2 cup ( remove the shell 
  and seeds)
  Water - 3 cups
  Sugar as needed
  Ice cubes - Few


  • To remove the seeds from the tamarind you can soak them in water for a while and remove the seeds.
  • In a blender put the tamarind , water  and sugar.
  • Pulse the blender till they combine well.
  • Strain the juice using a strainer and serve them chilled with lots of ice cubes.

Tamarindo recipes


  1. Wow Manjula, you really have got some delicious dishes going here..very nice choice for the country!

  2. Omg, those fritters are asking me to gobble few now, i can finish my lunch with that refreshing tamarind drink, too good both looks stunning.

  3. Again both dishes look great and are presented beautifully.

  4. Nice presentation and both the dishes look.

  5. beautiful choice of recipes...and amazing presentation

  6. I like these fritters and the tamarind it surely is very refreshing and my kind of stuff.good job with your presentation.

  7. I made these cornmeal fingers for Nigeria :) Those are addictive! And the tamarind beverage sounds tongue tickling!

  8. Very interesting dishes from Nigeria. That tamarind drink looks refreshing and yummy!!

  9. I didn't realize that these were sweet corn fritters. they must ahve been yummy.
    And what kind of tamarind did you use for that interesting drink ? I am guessing not the ones we use to make sambhar, right?

    1. thanks suma :) yes not the regular tamarind the one from pod ..

  10. The fritters look super inviting Manju. And the dring looks so refreshing...

  11. I am learning so much from your posts. Despite one of my good friends being PR I never heard of dances you mentioned. I more familiar with salsa and never heard of these fritters either. They look delicious

  12. The fritters are sure addictive and that drink sounds something like our amlana! Good choices for P!

  13. the fitters and the tamarind drink look so yum.

  14. It's spelled Puerto Rico not Puerto Rica


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