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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kaju Katli Recipe |Kaju Burfi - Indian Festival Sweets

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 Kaju katli also know as kaju burfi is a Indian sweet which is similar to other burfi made like coconut, besan. Kaju means cashews as we all know and this burfi is made with cashews . These are traditionally shaped as diamonds and covered with edible sliver in the top .. Our Mawari wedding will surely have this sweet in the  array of sweet usually displayed before the actual meal starts. Unlike in south india they have sweets after a meal we rajasthan's serve savories and sweets in the beginning of a meal Also there is a tradition of giving sweets to the guest like feeding them even they say no which is considered a respectful hospitality. Coming to kaju katli its My bros fav I have been making this katli many times and for this diwali I made this sweet as a part of my mithai box which my H took to office for his friends and I got lots of compliments for them. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#45.

We had a wonderful diwali celebration and is like a festival week for us-  Diwali, My daughters birthday, Halloween celebration at her school and not to forget there was is vast Annakut celebration in BAPs temple for diwali 2014 here and we really enjoyed it. Kaju katli is a very easy sweet to make if you know the proper method to make it I had lots of trial and this recipe was the perfect tasted like a store bought katli , even better actually making the soft is the key for its better taste. Most of the time if the kaju dough is dry you will not get a soft katli. Do read the method and do exactly you will sure get a soft katli. They taste great the same day you make also 2-3 days but you need to store them in a air tight box so that they don't get dried. Lets move on to the recipe.. 

How to make Kaju Katli ?

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Cashew Burfi Recipe

Kaju Katli / Kaju Burfi 

                           Recipe Category
    Preparation time
   Cook Time
                                     Indian Sweets
10 mins
    15 -20 mins
Indian Sweets  Ingredients

  Cashew nut pd - 2 cups
  Sugar - 1 cup
  Corn syrup - 1 tbsp (optional)
  Ghee for greasing (if needed)
  Silver foil/ Vrak ( optional)

  • Grind the whole cashews in a mixer till they are fine. Don't over grind the cashews as they may leave out the fat/ oil and stick to form lumps with which you will not be able to make kaju katli at all. Grind only till they are fine , They might be fine but look coarse so touch the cashews and feel it whether it is fine pd.
  • To make sugar syrup take a sauce pan. Put sugar and 1/2 cup water and allow it to boil. Add corn syrup once it starts boiling.
  • Cook them till it reaches one string consistency. To check one string consistency you can take little water in a small plate , put some drops of syrup in the water, if the syrup stay and doesn't get dissolved . Another way to check is to rub some syrup with your thumb and index finger and stretch it a to forms a thread and that is single thread consistency.
  • Now add the cashew pd to the syrup in this stage. Simmer the flame to low and cook them stiring constantly till starts leaving  the side of the pan.

  • Switch off the pan and transfer it to a greased plate. and keep on mixing them with a spoon so that they don't stick to the plate and dry off and also if you keep on mixing it will cool down a bit soon.
  • Once it cool but still warm /easy to handle  knead them to a smooth dough, grease your hands while knead so that its easy enough.
  • On a greased parchment paper and a greased rolling pin start rolling  the dough to a rectangular shape. 
  • Cut them diagonally and cut them to form a diamond shapes.
  • Garnish them with vrak if needed or leave them as is. 
  • Store them in a air tight box and enjoy them for 4-5 days.
  • Make sure you grind the cashews fine , It might look coarse but with you touch you might feel the fineness. Also don't over grind the cashew it might leave out the fat and lead to a disaster.
  • If you add cashews before one string consistency it will turn sticky and will not set right. Don't over cook the syrup more than one string consistency the cashews will not cook completely so syrup consistency plays a very important role.
  • Keep on stiring after you add cashew pd to the syrup else it will stick to the pan and burn. Use a non stick pan and wooden spatula it helps.
  • Then katli may look grainy once it leaves out the pan but it will turn smooth when you knead.
  • Corn syrup gives a very nice texture to the katli but you will get the same result without corn syrup too. So if you have you can add it.
  • Garnishing with Vrak is optional . Vrak is vegetarian some believe it is non veg bcoz it was made in between leather bags  ( which is non veg) but now a days it is processed in very hygienic method.   
  • If you feel your cashew dough is dry while kneading you can add few tsp of milk to make it soft but if you add milk the katli might not be stored for longer use it up soon and keep it in fridge.

Indian Mithai Recipe

My Mithai Box For Diwali 2014  Kaju Apple, Kaju Katli, Pista Katli, Kaju pista Roll, Badam Halwa :) Hope you all had a wonderful diwali celebration :)


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