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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Elandha Pazham Chaat | Ber chaat |Raw Jujube Chaat ~ Chaat Recipes

Chaat Recipes

Indian Jujube are also called as chinese Red dates which elongate in shape and of gooseberry size. In hindi they are call it Ber and in tamil they call it elandha pazham.The green fruit when ripes becomes reddish in color and the skin gets wrinkled. I remember some nostalgic memories from my childhood when we used to get a big bag of Bor/ ber from my grand parents back in rajasthan, they where elongated red dried ones..It was a perfect snack delicacy for us miss those ber here. In south India the ber we get is diffrent variety from wat we get in north. I remember the road side vendors selling elandha pazham in chennai which was riped round in shape usually sold with chilli pd and salt, I used to love them.

Elandha pazham

The riped ber/ elandha pazham are great to have as is but people do make pickles and candies with them , another popular treat made elandha pazham was the elandha pazham vadai which is not exactly the fried vada you are thinking it is usually sun dried . I have tasted them in potti kadai's in my childhood days also kamarkat, rose milk tablets, pan pasad,then mittai, panju mittai, Javvu mitta ,those road side kulfi's/ golas  ufffff I can go on and on about these childhood treats we enjoyed. Coming to elandha pazham it has great medicinal value which most of them don't know - It cure stomach ache,Infection in throat,Ulcers, diarrhea, fever, cold . This fruit is not loved by all but who ever loves it I got a delicious recipe for you :). I used the raw  elandha pazham / Ber/ Green Ber which I love to eat as is but to add a twist I just mixed up few ingredients and tadaaaa a very simple snack time chaat is ready.  

Elandha pazham vadai

Elandha Pazham Chaat

  Preparation time
5 mins
Ber/ jujube/ Elandha pazham  Ingredients 

  Elandha pazham/ Indian Jujube - 4-5 Nos
 ( deseeded and chopped)
  Red chilli pd - A pinch
  Chaat masala - A pinch or so
  Lemon juice - 1/2 tsp
  Salt to taste ( very little)

  • Chop the jujubes to equal size and Mix in all the ingredients together till combined.
  • Enjoy this easy to make chaat as is.

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  1. I always get it from indian store when I see this, can't resist it, nice chat. We used to have this every makar sankrant, it has to be there on that day.

  2. this is totally new to me ive had only the dried red ones that too very rarely. wonderful recipe and everything you said about childhood treats brought back so many memories. :)

  3. I am going to try very soon.. So interesting

  4. Who can resist to this beautiful chaat, too tempting..

  5. Ohhh yumm very tempting and now perfect idea


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