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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tri Color Lassi | Tiranga Lassi | Republic Day Special

Republic day Recipes

 Republic day is very much celebrated all over India . It is celebrated to honor the date on  Indian constitution was formed.  I make tri color recipe for Independence day and republic day for blog :) .. It actually makes me so happy to cook for  a festival which is celebrated all over India. I made Tiranga lassi for this Republic day. I used Papaya for the saffron color, Plain lassi for white and spinach green grapes for green color. We just saw the republic day parade online felt so good watching the parade. When we had only DD channel years back when we where kids we never used to miss the republic day parade but as time passed DD channel itself got missing from our lifes.. Only 80's born will remember DD channel and the wonderful shows we used to enjoy . Some shows I remember is Shakthiman, Rangoli ( on sundays) , shriman shrimathi, and Friday Nights one  movie no one can forget right. Ok coming to the patriotic recipe ..

Indian Flag color Recipes

Lassi Recipes

         Tri Color Lassi          

      Preparation time
   Cook Time
20 mins
15 mins

Tri color recipes  For Orange
  Papaya - 1/4 cup ( chopped)
  Yogurt - 1 cup
  Sugar as needed

  For White
  Yogurt - 1 cup
  Sugar as needed

  For Green 
  Yogurt - 1 cup
  Baby Spinach - 1/4  cup
  Green Grapes - 1/4 cup
  Sugar as needed
  Ice cubes as need 

  • It is preferred  to plain yogurt which is not sour to make lassi.
  • In a mixer/ blender add papaya and other ingredients to make the orange color lassi
  • Pulse is few times and add ice cubes if necessary.
  • Similarly for white mix the yogurt and sugar in a blender and add ice cubes.
  • In a blender add spinach and grapes . Pulse it till it pureed then add yogurt and sugar.
  • Pulse them till combined and add ice cubes.
  • Serve them in 3 diffrent glasses and arrange them in India flag color wise.


  1. spinach and Green grapes lovely combo

  2. lovely flavours and colors...jai hind

  3. lovely lassis.... looks very colourful. Going to try the spinach and green grapes one.

  4. that looks amazing...

  5. Looks cool and colorful ...

  6. nice recipe photo .
    good color combination


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