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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Cold Pasta Salad ( With White sauce) | Pasta Salad

Cold Pasta Salad recipes

I Love making salads and some times tend to skip lunch and have some rich salad which is itself a whole meal. My recent fav is cold salad using pasta I shared a cold salad version with 1000 island dressing 2 days back which is My H's fav I also made pasta salad with white sauce dressing. When made this salad first time I was skeptical as I love pasta in white sauce  only hot didn't think it will taste so yummy and from then I make them often and try add different veggies every time. I Like too eat raw veggies a lot from my childhood so my mom didn't have a hard time in feeding me with loads of veggies so salad is always my fav . This salad is not for people who are diet conscious, am sure all will be knowing this that some salad are rich in taste and are super filling. Now enough talk ;)  lets move on to the recipe.. 

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Cold Pasta Salad  ( with White Sauce)

      Preparation time
   Cook Time
                                       Pasta Recipes
15 mins
    15 mins

Cold salad recipes
  Shelled pasta - 1 cup
  (I used Shelled Pasta but any pasta kind will do )
  Capsicum - 1/4 cup ( 3 different colors)
  Onion -  2 tbsp ( chopped)
  Spring Onion - 2 tbsp ( chopped)
  Pepper pd as needed
  Salt to taste

  For White sauce
  Milk - 1 1/2 cups
  Butter - 2 tbsp
  Maida - 2 tbsp

  • In a sauce pan boil enough water to cook pasta, add salt in the water.
  • Drain the pasta once cooked and run cold water over it .Keep it aside.
  • In another sauce pan heat butter and add maida.
  • Roast the maida in very low flame till the raw smell goes off.
  • Add Milk little by little  constantly stirring the sauce to avoid any lumps.
  • Let the sauce thicken a bit , then turn off the flame.
  • In a bowl take the cooked pasta, chopped onion, spring onion and capsicum .
  • Mix them add well and Mix them to the white sauce.
  • Add Salt and pepper pd as need .
  •  Enjoy this cold salad any time.

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  1. sounds delicious.This looks colourful and inviting....

  2. lovely salad... very colorful...

  3. wow !! thats so colourful....

  4. wow pasta salsa is so tempting... such a colorful bowl


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