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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fine Dinning Restaurants in Chennai | Best Place for Fine Dinning Experience In Chennai

You can see eateries everywhere and anywhere, in India as there is huge crowd who loves to dine out and also people encourage the road side chaat walas and pani poori walas. Chennai is one fast growing city needless to say it has grown a lot in years and am here after 4 yrs, I do see this place is so over crowded now. I see so many  restaurants in chennai almost in every street, there is no place you will not find a food stall.Though there is huge number of choices available only some serve you cost effective yet quality food. It is going to be one month and am here indoors bcoz of the heat though in the evening we get a chance to roam around near by places . We always loved the Ecr road for its vivid restaurants and entertainment so we miss it here ..

 For a fine dining if you are opting for a casual dining then Hotel sangeetha offers you a fully veg menu. After landing here in chennai our guest house was very near to thoraipakkam sangeetha restaurant , we had most of our dinners there .We loved the Starters there  we tried paneer satay , paneer baby corn fry Main course was not up to the mark still it was not bad too . We have been to Adyar anadha bhavan (A2B) we had to wait there for 1 hour which was really frustrating when your tummy is grumbling. we had idli dosa there and we liked it.  Hotel sri krishna triplicane is one of my fav too, they provide many choices for sweets and savories too.. If you are opting for elegant  dining experience The leela palace is perfect place to visit, Taj coromandal is also among the best restuarants in chennai. My husband has mentioned he likes sigree  where all the veg grilled dishes taste good. Some of the other best myraid fine dinning restaurants in the city includes Taj connemara,The Rain tree, Royal le merdian are my favs. 
Dinning out is always a pleasure and if the food is gud then we feel so worth spending isn't it. The restaurants have grown a lot and now people go to restaurants to taste some innovative dishes and not the same old dishes people have started thinking and eating some interesting food which taste best thats what we bloggers do daily , we put extra effort in innovating new recipes which tastes good and liked by all in our family . Trust me innovating is not easy it is Hit some time and it is flop some time we put so much of our gut feeling knowing we may have some flops and waste the food too. So when dining out plz appreciate the chef food when it is good and liked by you it means a lot than the money. Some restaurants have so very well maintained ambiance that you will totally enjoy the food in that environment do choose a perfect fine dining restaurant to impress your loved ones . Chennai has so many famous fine dining restaurants it is worth to visit them with some special people. So this was all about fine dinning restaurants which I liked the best hope this post was useful.

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