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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Maraca Cookie Recipe | Cinco de Mayo Maraca Cookies

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This cookie was in my to do list from the day I started  doing blogging marathon and I some how wanted to include this for A-Z marathon but then I didn't have all the ingredients and a proper mold to make them.. Am so happy to have made them at last, These cinco de mayo themed cookie are perfect for the El Día de la Batalla de Puebla  festival which is celebrated in US and Mexico to commemorate the Mexican army's  who won the battle of puebla . On this day they celebrate their victory by wearing their traditional outfits sings some traditional song . As may 5 is not so long here I present Cinco de mayo themed Marca cookie. This cookie is very easy and so much fun to make , if you have kids around they wil have fun playing this edible maraca . The one thing I found was be gentle with these cookies else they fall apart tell you guest to be gentle as these are not the real maraca :P . Maraca otherwise called as rumba shakers  is a musical instrument which is like a rattle , they are usually used in pairs. I didn't have the green color candy melts so made it with blue one the original recipe they used green which looked prettier to me.

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Maracas cookie

Recipe Source : She Knows

Maraca Cookie  

                                         Category  Preparation time    Cook Time
            30 mins
 10 -  15 mins

  All purpose flour - 3 cups
  Icing sugar - 1 1/4 cup
  Butter - 11/2 cup ( 2 1/2 stick)
  Vanilla extract - 1/2 tsp
  Baking pd - 1 1/2 tsp
  Salt a pinch
  For Maraca  Cookie
  Red Candy melts - 1 cup
  Blue Candy melts - 1 cup
  Semi sweet white chocolate - 1 cup
  Semi sweet Chocolate - 1/2 cup
  Mini M & M or Nerds - Few
  Red life saver Gummies - Few
  Pirouette rolled wafer cookies

  • In a bowl cream room temperature with sugar till combined.
  • Add all purpose flour,baking pd, vanilla extract, salt in it and Mix well.
  • If the mixture is still crumbly add 1 tbsp of milk and form smooth dough out of it.
  • Divide the dough to equal melon size balls. 
  • preheat the oven at 350 F. 
  • Place the balls on a cake pop mold and press the cookie with a measuring spoon or a melon ball tool.

  • Cool the cookie in refrigerator for 15 mins and then bake them at 350 F for 10 -15 mins.
  • Remove the cookie carefully when they are cool. Fill the halves with M & M  or nerds.
  • Melt white chocolate in microwave for 30 secs  then remove and melt them again if they have granules.
  • Dip other part of halve in white chocolate and stick it with halve in which you have already filled M &M.
  • Let the chocolate set well apply melted chocolate if any gaps.
  • Now to form the maraca rattle  take the pirouette wafers and stick the red life saver gummies in one side. Keep it ready.
  • Now melt green, red and white candy melts in microwave .
  • Take the maraca ball and dip it in the blue candy melts half way through .
  • Keep it on a wire rack or I kept my on the cake pop  mold, Stick the prepared wafer with gummy on top.
  • Let the chocolate set , lift the maraca rattle with help of the wafer and dip it in the melted white chocolate all the way through leaving the blue part visible.
  • Place it in a glass, after the chocolate sets dip the cookie again in red candy melts half way through and again place it on a glass.
  • Melt the semi sweet chocolate and white chocolate in microwave . Transfer then in a piping bag or a zip lock snip it in the end and decorate it as you like.
  • Shake the cookie gently and you can hear the sounds. Edible maraca cookie is ready.
  • If you don't get candy melts in your country simply use white chocolate and add food color to it.

cinco de Mayo  themed recipes

Cinco de Mayo Maraca cookie


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