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Friday, May 02, 2014

Naga Thali | Nagaland Cuisine

Naga cuisine

After Mizo here comes the turn of Nagaland which is one tough state to get veg state I would never survive in the state without veg recipes. But some of the veg recipe I found impressed me some wat and I was happy to make thali again for this one difficult North east state.As for all the North eastern states Meats and fermented foods and most popular here. Naga cuisine comprises of variety of recipes from each tribe dwelling there.They love to include boiled veggie in their meal and Rice is the staple food here too. There are varieties of chutney prepared here in which the great naga chilli chutney is very popular , The Raja Mirchi world's spicy chilly comes from this state and so some dishes are enjoyed spicy too.The very famous tribes are angami , anishi and lotta. They preferred  meat is Dog meat , I was shocked to read about this here we consider dog as the best friend but they enjoy dog meat.. No offense to their culture and cuisine every one has their own preference right.

Since here the cuisine would offer spicy food the seasoning plays a very important role in every dish.Ginger is very much used in the preparation of all dishes. Rice beer is a  very traditional drinks here and other than that  Zutho, dzutse, and ruhi are other types of drinks consumed here. Galho is one famous naga  khichidi which is prepared in many ways with veggie and meats. Cabbage and palak galho are one such khichidi they make for a meal. I was suprised to see that they make Kantola / Spine gourd gravy and went forward to do it fully veg they do add pork fat to the recipe. The very favorite dessert here is the black rice pudding which is again a very healthy dessert to enjoy. Chutney's are always  popular here and tomato chuney is most frequently made here. Lets quickly move on to the recipe..

Nagaland Thali Menu 

Cabbage Palak Galho ( Naga Khichidi)
Nkhonathoi Ganh
Aloo Dal
Rongmei Naga Style
Naga Tomato Chutney

Cabbage Palak Galho

A rice porridge with many ingredients, this is similar to khichdi. Galho goes a step ahead though, in terms of throwing items into the boiling dish. The are meat pieces and fermented soya or bamboo are also added to this khichidi but I made it all veg and  without using fermented products , If you like Do add them too.

Recipe Source :

Organic Rice  1 cup
Cabbage - 1 cup ( shredded)
Palak - 1 cup
Green chillies- 2 -3 Nos
Tomato - 1 No
Ginger paste - 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Water As needed 

  • In a pressure cooker throw in all the ingredients.
  • Add enough water to make the rice nicely  mashable while cooking.
  • Pressure cook them for 3 -4 whistles.
  • After the pressure subsides open the lid and mix them well.
  • Serve them Hot with Tomato or ginger chutney.

Nkhonathoi Ganh

Recipe Source : Pan cuisine

Baby Bitter Gourd /Spine gourd / Kantola/ Kheksi-  1 cup ( Chopped) - I used frozen which already cut..
Onion - 1/4 cup ( Chopped)
Tomato - 1 small( chopped)
Red chilli pd - 1/2 tsp
Garlic pods -2-3 No
Oil - 2 tsp
Water as needed

  • Heat oil in a pan add chopped onion and garlic.
  • Saute them till onion turn translucent.
  • Add Kantola and saute them till they are tender.
  • Add tomatoes and cook them till they are mushhy.
  • Now add salt and red chilli pd. Mix them well.
  • Add water as needed to make gravy.
  • Cook them till oil separates.
  • Enjoy them hot with rice.
Aloo Dal

Recipe Source : Here


Toor dal - 1/2 cup

Turmeric pd - 1/4 tsp

Green chillies - 2-3 Nos
Garlic Ginger paste - 1/4 tsp
Potato - 1 No ( chopped)
Bay leaves - 1 No
Salt to taste

  • Pressure cook toor dal, turmeric pd, bay leaves, green chillies, Potato and salt together.
  • Pressure cook for 3 -4 whistles and let the pressure subsides.
  • Open the lid and mash the dal a bit.
  • Serve them hot with rice.
Rongmei Naga Style

Recipe Source : Pan cuisine

Black Rice - 1/4 cup
Water - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 2 - 4 tbsp
Milk - 1 Cup


  • Soak black rice for 1 Hour.
  • Cook rice with water in a pressure cooker for  3 whistles.
  • Once the pressure subsides remove the lid.
  • Add Milk and mix the well till it thicken a bit.
  • Add sugar  and Mix well.
  • Boil it for some more time and serve them warm.

Naga Tomato Chutney

Recipe Source : House of spice


Tomatoes - 2 nos
Green chillies - 2 -3 Nos
Ginger and garlic paste - 1/4 tsp
Coriander leaves - 2 Tbsp
Water as needed
Sal to taste

  • Boil all the ingredients in a sauce pan in a water as needed.
  • Add salt as needed.
  • Once the ingredients cook and tomatoes shrink , and the water evaporates a bit.
  • In a mortor pestle Smash all the cooked ingredinets together.
  • Serve them Hot with rice.

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