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Monday, March 09, 2015

Strawberry Lemon Popsicle | Strawberry Popsicle ~Summer Recipes

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Yehhh spring is here and soon summer will arrive am so exited to start my summer recipes for 2015 . In the weekend My daughter requested to make Popsicle for her and I without even having a second thought went and made this quick Popsicle and kept it to freeze and the next day I surprised her with this attractive bright red Popsicle , she was very excited after seeing them and quickly finished it , I made only 2 one for my h and one for my darling daughter they just enjoyed it as the weather is warm now. And I was the happy one to watch them enjoy. Now coming to the Popsicle recipe this so simple and quick to make but yes you have to have patience in waiting till the Popsicle sets in freezer :P. Strawberry always gives that natural red color and no need of any color to make it attractive. The khatta mitha taste is the twist in this Popsicle you all will love it. Moving on to the recipe..

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   Strawberry lemon Popsicle

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over night
Strawberry lemonade Popsicle recipe  Ingredients 

  Strawberry - 1 cup or 8-10 medium size

  Lemon juice - 2 tbsp
  Water- 2 cups

  • In a blender put the strawberries and grind them  till they turn to puree.
  • Add lemon juice and water and pulse them again till combined.
  • Fill them in a Popsicle mold and cover them with cling wrap or foil and insert the Popsicle stick in the middle.
  • Freeze them over night or for at least 8 hrs .
  • After they set well, remove them from the freeze and  show the outer mold in front of running tap water for few minutes be careful not to pour water inside the Popsicle.
  • Now gently push the Popsicle stick and un mold them.
  • Enjoy them immediately.

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  1. Delicious Popsicle... Must for a hot day...

  2. looks sweet and pretty cool..:-)

  3. I am too thinking of making something for the spring and yes we are also happy about arrival of spring..Yum

  4. Yummy and colorful ...blissful for chennai climate

  5. very colourful popsicles.

  6. This looks so gorgeous:)Yummy!!


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