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Monday, December 17, 2012

Chocolate meetha Paan (mouthfreshner)

Sweet paan or mitha paan are my fav and i look for paan when i go to any marriage feast specially when it is Rajasthani style marriage you will surely have paan in our menu 's... I made these chocolate paan bcoz am great chocolates lover i wanted to include some chocolaty touch to my mouth freshener.. 

Today we will make my fav version "chocolate Meetha or Sweet Paan". we would also use many interesting & commonly available ingredients to prepare our chocolate Paan.

Its so much fun when we prepare paan at home i enjoyed preparing these yummilicious  chocolate paan  and enjoyed the refreshing taste of this chocolaty meetha paan!!! ....



1 tsp  Raisins or ( you can also fill in tutti frutti  )
1 tsp Chopped cashews
1 tsp Melted dairy milk
1 tsp Date candy
2 tbsp Sweetened betel nuts(optinal )
1 tsp Gulkand (rose petals preserves)
1 tsp sweet sounf (sweet aniseeds)
Mix in all the above ingredients.
4 betel leaves(paan )
¼ tsp choona(lime scale)
1/2 tsp katha (optional)
1 dariy milk  

For garnish

chocolate vermicelli
chocolate syrup 


  • Wash the betel leaves.
  • Apply a little choona/lime scale.
  • Apply the katha on this.
  • Make a cone of the betel leaf.
  • Fill in the mixture pressing it down with finger tips and holding the cone firmly.
  • Fill 3/4 of the cone.

  • Fold the two sides.
  • Bring the top flap down.
  •  Insert a tooth pick to seal.
  • Trim the extras.
  • Dip this into melted dairy milk.(To melt the dairy milk bar just break the bar and  in a microwave container keep in microwave for 30 seconds ) 
  • Drizzle some chocolate syrup.
  • Sprinkle some chocolate vermicelli.
  • Also prick a cheery  on the toothpick..
  • Chill (till the chocolate outer layer is set) and serve.

I used dairy milk bcoz its easily available all time in my pantry but you can even fill some dark chocolates with the other fillings ..
Now talking abt paan  i remember amit ji 's song " kaeeeke paan baras wala kulaje baand aakaluka thala " .Apt song for my post isn't it ??.he he ... Christmas is nearing sure remember to prepare some mouth fresheners for your guests!!  


  1. chocolatey paan.we used to have paans during colleg.e functions.this sounds great.tempting paan.

  2. Yummy yummy...SO tempting for me to try this...Innovative!!

  3. very unique recipe :) looks great too

  4. a very different recipe indeed.. looks really tempting :)


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